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by Premier Fist on June 06, 2019

Buying a BJJ Gi is fun but also puzzling. There’s so many choices, and not many explanations that make sense. The goal of this guide is to inform you of all the things you should consider when choosing your Jiu Jitsu Gi.

First it is worth noting that it is definitely worth getting a specific Jiu Jitsu Gi as opposed to other martial arts Gi’s as these are designed to be grappled much more, in line with Jiu Jitsu.

There are three things worth considering, when purchasing your GI; Durability, weight and thickness.

Durability: The more durable your Gi, the longer it will last.

Weight: Lighter Gis are excellent for hot weather training and also if you are close to your division’s weight limit.

Thickness: Thicker Gis make it harder for your opponent to get a strong grip.


With these three factors in mind the Gis themselves can be broken down into categories, all of which have their own positives and negatives.

Value: Gis in this category cost less due to the slightness of material and basicness of the weave (usually single weave). Value Gis, great for beginners and for those on a budget. 

Due to the lesser amount of material used, Value Gis are usually more lightweight than gis in other categories, and tend to be thinner, which makes them easier for your opponent to grab and maintain a strong grip.

Ultra Light: Ultra Light Gis are the lightest gis on the market. These gis are great for training in warmer weather as they are breathable and almost graceful to train in. Ultra Light Gis use less material but it is extra durable to make it light and robust. Ultra Lights are more durable than Value, but less durable than all other categories. Also they tend to be very thin, which makes it easier for your opponent to grab (like Value Gis).

Fusion: These combine the lightness of the Value with the durability of the Premium Heavy. Their lightness and durability makes them great for competition and everyday usage. The special weaves here also enable them to be thicker without weighing a lot.

Premium Light: Similar to the Fusion in that they focus on lightness and durability. They differ in that they have  thicker blend without adding much weight, and they have better quality material.

Premium Heavy: These are the thickest, which means you get the most advantage in making it harder for your opponent to grip you. Premium Heavy Gis are also the most durable due to the extra material however they are the heaviest and most expensive due to the most material.