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Our journey

As growing up I learnt different types of Martial Arts. In the process I had found uniforms and Gi’s to be a confusing at first including, materials, sizes, weight etc. I have a great passion and respect for all types of martial arts, and this has enabled me to create a unique buying experience in martial arts.

As a student I have used many products and uniforms. I launched Premier Fist so that customers can receive a simple product with supreme precision in quality from uniforms to equipment. I have also developed a way for customers to design their own Gi’s, which I was unable to find as accessibly in the past. We believe this will deliver in style to an audience that’s highly engaged across the mixed martial arts industry. We aim to provide original helpful content and features to live experiences and social storytelling. We have weekly podcasts, video interviews of key MMA trainers and teachers and live training sessions.

We believe you are all smart and passionate, always seeking to improve your full potential in every aspect through supreme precision. Premier your life!